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Promoted Posts
Facebook has created several different marketing products for businesses looking to utilize the vast social network for advertising.  With 1.1 billion users worldwide, and 70% of them connected to at least one local business, there are an estimated 2 billion connections between businesses and users.  It’s easy to see why using Facebook to get your product in front of more people is a good idea.

What is a Promoted Post
One of the options available through Facebook is the promoted post, which is a type of content promotion, instead of a simple ad space buy.  Rather than paying to have your ad show up on the side bar of the site, Facebook has created promoted posts so that what you are paying for shows up in the news feed along with posts from a user’s friends and other liked pages.  The difference is that when you pay extra to promote a post, your content is shown to more people than it otherwise would have been.

How Does It Work
In May of 2012, Facebook announced that posts from a business page only reached 16% of the users that liked that page.  The next month, they introduced promoted posts so that businesses could pay to have their posts reach more than that 16%. Like any other post from a page, promoted posts can be anything from pictures, to videos, to plain text.  The post shows up just as it would have if it had reached the news feed organically.  If a brand has 5,000 fans, paying to reach a larger percentage of those fans’ news feeds is a lot more valuable than if that same page has only 500 fans.  To increase the exposure of promoted content, Facebook added the ability to promote page posts to friends of fans who have not yet liked your page.  You can specify which demographics you want to target so that it is easier to tailor your content to fit the audience.

Promoting a Post
To promote a post, look at the lower right hand corner of the post window and go to where it says “Boost Post.”  The pop-up menu gives the options of promoting to fans or friends of fans as well as allowing you to set a budget for how much you want to spend on the promotion.  The bigger the budget, the more people Facebook will distribute your content to.

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For more information about using social media for marketing your business, check out our other blog posts here.

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