Hypeworthy is Seeking Digital Marketing Associates

Help Wanted

Hypeworthy is seeking someone who has a good understanding of how to manage communities and disseminate content. Ideally this is someone with past experience, looking to grow in to a full time position. This is a small shop and we’re much more interested in you fitting the culture of both the office and the clients. More than anything, you need to understand how to create and distribute awesome content in a way that makes our clients fun, informed, interesting and human.

Desired Skills & Expertise

Community Management, Content Creation, Photoshop, video editing ideally, good familiarity with how social networks function

Mission Statement

Hypeworthy believes in the powers of community and creativity. Hypeworthy will make sure you are accessible  to everyone looking for your brand, whether you know they’re searching or not.  Hypeworthy collaborates with brands to design creative and innovative brand messaging that turns your audience into your advocates.

Hypeworthy History

Hypeworthy began in 2008 as a way for actors, artists, and musicians to utilize the tools provided online to find and enhance their brand and their reach. Eventually, actors became Off-Broadway plays, musicians became radio stations, and the process became something that would work for any small to medium sized business. Hypeworthy took the idea initially formed to help artists and adapted them to brands as a whole. We can turn you into rockstars because… that’s literally what we do.

If interested, please contact Nico Martini. He’s really easy to find online.

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