Hypeworthy is Seeking Digital Marketing Associates

Hypeworthy is seeking someone who has a good understanding of how to manage communities and disseminate content. Ideally this is someone with past experience, looking to grow in to a full time position. This is a small shop and we’re much more interested in you fitting the culture of both the office and the clients. […]

Listening to Social Media

Understanding what people want and having a good reputation have always been essential to building a successful business.  With social media at your disposal, this is easier now then ever before.  Keeping you finger on the pulse of your target market by listening to what they are saying about you is not only simple, it’s […]

Location Based Facebook Posts

We were recently tasked with creating a location-based Facebook campaign for one of our clients. Facebook makes it easy to pay to boost your post, which also offers you the opportunity to target it by location (by country only), age, gender and language. But what if you need to target a post to a particular […]

Facebook’s Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts Facebook has created several different marketing products for businesses looking to utilize the vast social network for advertising.  With 1.1 billion users worldwide, and 70% of them connected to at least one local business, there are an estimated 2 billion connections between businesses and users.  It’s easy to see why using Facebook to […]

Facebook’s Mobile Success

At the end of last month, Facebook delivered an earnings report to their investors that showed significant progress on the mobile front.  In fact, the news propelled their shares by 20% following the press release.  In turn, the company gained around $10 billion in value due to the Wall Street buying spree that erupted.  And […]

Embedding: Facebook vs. Twitter

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it will allow embedding of statuses and pictures on third-party websites.  This appears to be a direct challenge to embedding tweets, which has been available for a little over a year and a half.  The purpose behind making embedded tweets possible was that in addition to viewing them on other websites […]

Flipboard: Social Content Curation

  Flipboard is a free app for mobile devices that lets users browse content from publishers and social networks in an easy-to-use magazine-style format. It is available for phones and tablets running iOS or Android. The name comes from one of its most unique features, the ability to “flip” through “boards” of content as if they were […]

5 Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners

By now, everyone in the small business world has probably realized the importance of social media in their marketing strategy.  Because most of the effective social marketing tools are free to use, many business owners tend to put less value on them in their overall marketing plan.  Social media can help your business thrive, but […]

Graph Search is Here

On Monday, July 8, Facebook officially rolled out Graph Search to all of its English-speaking network users.  After selective public testing since January, the newest search function is now widely available and will be made available to all users in the coming weeks.  This seems to be one more step in a new direction that […]

Online Reputation Management Listening Station

Online reputation management. A bunch of fancy words that mean a great deal to your business and your personal brand. The key to this is honestly pretty simple: listen. Online reputation management starts, at its core, with knowing what is being said about you. You can respond accordingly, you can diffuse volatile situations and you […]

Do you Vine?

It seems that there is an unspoken trend in social media: the shorter, the better. Whether or not that has to do with our decreasing attention spans is a different story. With Twitter, we are limited to 140-characters, and with Instagram we are limited to photos with minimal text. Tumblr, too, is meant for microblogging, […]

3 Tips to Get You Started

Navigating the world of social media for a new business can seem tricky.  There is a constant stream of public mistakes that are made daily by brands trying to further their reputation, but don’t let that scare you. Social media is here to stay, and when you know what you’re doing, it’s a lot easier […]

Staying On Top of Your Online Reputation

What are they saying about you? The small business world is starting to become a real force to be reckoned with, and the internet has become the defining catalyst for this relatively recent market shift.  It is important to realize that, like it or not, people will be talking about you online.  Even the smallest business will […]

5 Rules for Businesses New to Social Media

If your business is new to the world of social media, it’s important to get off on the right foot, and this is a good place to start.  Here are five important rules to keep in mind for businesses that are new to the online community. You can’t be everywhere at once.  You don’t have […]

The Power of Twitter

There are a lot of articles written about social media that are meant to enlighten those who are not yet wise to the scene.  They talk about how Facebook is going to completely change the way businesses make money or how Google + is going to revolutionize the targeted marketing game.  While there is probably […]

Pop Diner Nominated In Best of Big D

We are thrilled to announce that Pop Diner has been nominated in the D Magazine Best of Big D for Best Place to Eat After Midnight! It’s quite an honor for them to be mentioned along with some of the other great late night restaurants in Dallas, and we want to thank everyone for their support. Even […]

Pearl Cup gets nominated for Best of Big D!

We are thrilled that our client, Pearl Cup Coffee, has been nominated once again in the D Magazine Best of Big D Readers Poll! You can vote for them now once a day through March 31. To make it easy on you, Pearl Cup Coffee is on page 3, number 18. We are so excited that they have been […]