What Google+ Means for your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t heard already heard –  Google unveiled it’s new social networking service, Google+, last month.  The question remains, howl will Google+ change your digital marketing strategy?

The biggest realization for online marketers with the debut of Google+ is that a social network made by Google impacts search.  If you have a Google+ profile, you will see the +1 button on all your search results.  This is a key feature that will need to be incorporated into your pages and online content.  Think of it as Google’s “Like” button.

The +1 button is basically digital “word of mouth” marketing.  Your +1’s are revealed most apparently to your friends when they search, but others searching for your +1 topics might stumble across your recommendation.  This promotion will only bring you to greater heights in search results.  If more consumers give you a recommendation using this tool, you have a good chance of increasing sales.

When Google+ debuted, brands were rushing to make accounts to connect with their demographics.  Google began deleting these company accounts and asked for marketers to hold off on creating accounts.  Google announced that they will be unveiling tweaked profiles with all the analytics and sophisticated sharing options that marketers need.  This new tool will most likely be unveiled around Q3 20111.

While Google hasn’t elaborated on what the business profiles will include, a spokesperson told Venture Beat:

“You can expect to see a level of analytics and measurement that you’d typically find in Google products as well as a nuanced approach to how things are shared. It encourages and enhances conversation, it doesn’t just put things in the stream.”

It’s important that businesses do not make profiles at this point.  There will be no “switch over” from current profiles to the new business profiles.   Check back to learn more new developments from Google+ and what this means for online marketers.

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