The New Facebook Experience

Facebook has finally stepped it up in relation to privacy settings and are allowing more control for its users.  With the rise of Google+, Facebook is finally recognizing some of the huge privacy issues and are basically installing Google+ features.  Read below about a list of upcoming changes to your Facebook experience.


This new version of Facebook allows for greater profile control in regards to visibility.  When you edit your profile, say your Music section for instance, there will be a drop down with icons representing if you want this information to be public, friends only, or allow for custom friend lists and specific friends.

The feature “View profile as” that lets you view your profile from another friend’s perspective will now be prominently displayed on your profile page for easy access instead of being hid in the confusing privacy control panel.


Currently on FB, any one of your friends can tag you in a photo or location and it will be public unless you have otherwise monitored these features in your privacy panel.  The new updates will not post a photo or tag you at a location without your approval first.  You accept or reject the tag and it’s important to note that this feature can be turned off.

Another big change is that you can tag ANYONE on Facebook, even if you aren’t friends.  This is scary, since it could lead to an increase in spam, but the rationale is that you want to be able to see photos you’re in even if you aren’t friends with that person.  Maybe they’re a coworker you don’t necessarily want to be friends with, but would like to see a company party photo.   When untagging from a photo, you are given three options.  You may just untag, untag and request the user delete the photo, and/or block the person.

Status Updates:

With these new updates, you know have greater control of who can read your status.  The drop down menu will allow for you to indicate whether you want your status update to be public, appear to friends only, or to be limited to specific friends or friend lists.  Instead of the “everyone’ option, it will be changed to “public” for greater clarity.


Facebook Places will be integrated into Facebook’s Publisher bar and you will be allowed to check in to places without GPS restriction, in other words, you don’t have to be physically near the location.  You can tag a location to a photo album after you’ve returned home.


Facebook has been testing a “Subscribe” feature, where users will be able to subscribe to anyone’s feed (despite not being friends) and they will receive any public updates from that user.  This is only in the testing phase and we will have to wait to see if they release this feature.

Movie Streaming:

Additional features include movie streaming.  Facebook has partnered with Miramax, Warner Bros., Paramout, and Universal to launch their own video rental service on Facebook last Monday.

Included in this feature will be a game called Casting Call where users can cast friends as characters in films and unlock bonus content.

Rentals cost 30 Facebook and Facebook keeps just a third of that.  Rentals can be saved for a month, but if you start it you have 48 hours to finish it.   There have been technical issues with this service so beware in these early stages.

These are just a few updates coming to Facebook.  Check back to read more news about Facebook on the Hypeworthy Blog.


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