Some of our favorite iPad apps

Fortunate enough to own an iPad? Check out some of our favorite apps to use on this device.


Flipboard is great because you can visualize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Reader feeds, and your favorite blogs and websites in magazine style format.   You place them in square icons and they load the newest post images. You click and literally swipe the pages and the screen simulates page turning.  It’s very clean way to display your social streams and is great for browsing.  The bad news is they’re introducing advertising sometime soon.


Zite is a great news reader app as well.  You can add sections by topic and browse the thought leaders in each subject.  Zite is great because it pulls content posts from all different website sources.  The articles tend to be more interesting and you can tailor them specifically to your interests, voting them up or down and choosing to receive more from that site or more about tagged topics.  You can also easily share easily to social networks or send by email.


FLUD is probably the news app I most use, while I still browse the other two.  It’s definitely brings the “sexy” to news reading.  You have the control to customize which source sites you have on your front page.  There are many different source hubs for each topic.  You can select the top sites in the areas of social, technology, creative, world/politics, business, science, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, and other.  Always the latest and greatest streams from a variety of different sites.  Check this one out, for sure.


Zinio is an app for finding magazines.  It’s a must-have for anyone with particular magazines they enjoy.


Our founder is a sports nerd and one of his favorite sports app is Pennant.  Pennant is a an interactive history of baseball complete with stats from 1952-2011.  If you love baseball, you need this app.  Unfortunately it will cost ya $4.99, but that’s chump change to you sports fans!


HBO Go is a MUST for anyone who has the service.  Watch any episode of any of your favorite HBO original series.  I catch up all the time when I miss a show and I don’t have time to sit on my couch.  The other HBO app is great too as it gives detailed information about episodes and additional video content.


Netflix has fallen under a lot of criticism lately, but their application is still great for movie watching.


Dragontape is really neat in that it allows it’s user to patch videos together under one theme.  Most are by music genre or visual genre.  Check it out and create your own video mixtape!

Radio Soulwax

Radio Soulwax is another music video application.  You can download or stream different music video radio shows by concepts.  It’s really weird and good to put up on the screen for a weird hip party.  I think it’s a really entertaining app and it’s worth checking out.


Aweditorium is just like it sounds.  You can browse a screen full of square icons of images of different indie music artists.  When you click on one it plays one of their songs with pop up information – a homage to pop up videos almost.  You can share and find more information about them.  You can pinch and zoom and click on different artists and save them to your favorites.  Great for finding new music!



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