Last Call – A Party with a Purpose

We wanted to throw a party to benefit one of our favorite theatres in town . . . and what started as a casual conversation turned into one of the best parties of the year. Huge thanks go out to our sponsors Bulleit Bourbon, Bulleit Rye, Crown Royal Black, and Crown XR. The whole thing was a wildly successful interactive whiskey experience.

In the planning stages, we were chatting about how to approach this and we decided the party should be anti-cocktail themed. We wanted to focus on the simple beauty of good whiskey. Someone said, “But what about an old fashioned party? Those are simple…” The response was, “I’ll bring bitters and sugar and if you want one, you can make your own damn old fashioned.” Thus, the “Build Your Own Damn Old Fashioned” Bar was born. Guests were provided with a variety of ingredients (most at the recommendation of Wynn’s head of Mixology, Patricia Richards) and were instructed on the various ways to approach an Old Fashioned.

All night long we kept hearing things like “I’m not a whiskey drinker, but I know I’ll be ordering an Old Fashioned next time I’m out,” or “THIS is the best Old Fashioned! Try mine!” I really believe that Dallas is about to go on an Old Fashioned run because of this party! The most incredible part about the party was the reactions to these amazing whiskeys. I’m very familiar with all of the spirits, but I know I’ve had at least 20 people tell me that they’re switching their stand by to Bulleit Bourbon and that they had no idea that they liked rye so much.

The party was a blast… from the cocktail themed whoopie pies provided by Rockstar Bakeshop, to the amazing Mexican/El Salvadorian fusion that Dos Paisanos provided, to the incredible Hoyotoyo DJ set… the crowd was active and engaged from the get go. The attendance was right at 130 people and exactly what we were hoping for. And best of all, we were raising money for a great theatre that we all care deeply about! Thanks for the wonderful evening!

Check out our slideshow below!

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