Do you Vine?

It seems that there is an unspoken trend in social media: the shorter, the better. Whether or not that has to do with our decreasing attention spans is a different story. With Twitter, we are limited to 140-characters, and with Instagram we are limited to photos with minimal text. Tumblr, too, is meant for microblogging, and so on. So when Twitter released their new video app, Vine, it comes as no surprise that it has been just as popular as other social apps in a very short amount of time. Vine is a video app developed by Twitter that allows users to create and post six-second videos.

Since its release for iPhone and iPad devices on January 23, 2013, it currently has over 13-million users. The app quickly gained interest from non-iOS users, and after a few months of developing, Twitter released Vine for Android users as well on June 3.

As of June 11, Vine is the #2 Top Free App on the iTunes App Store. Even more impressive, within the first week of its release, Vine became the #4 Top Free App in the Google Play Store, surpassing Instagram.

Vine is still very new (not even six-months old), but its quick popularity is a sign that it is here to stay. This means that the time for businesses to start leveraging the app is now.

From time lapses, to how-to videos, to stories and stop motion videos, Vine has inspired and allowed users to create some extremely creative, funny, and unique videos. While Vine allows users the medium to produce creative content, there are a few tools it does not offer users at the moment.

Vine has a like button and it allows users to search for other videos with a hashtag, but it does not have a retweet or share feature, and does not allow users to save drafts or schedule posts either.

Regardless, the time to start “Vineing” is now. Like with all other social media, businesses need to think of Vine as an incredibly creative platform to reach their audience.

There are many practical uses for Vine that businesses can utilize. For instance, it can advertise a product. Several businesses have already jumped on the Vine bandwagon, and because of the six-second window, they are forced to produce some very creative content. For example, if your business is a bar, you can create a how-to video on preparing a popular drink. The same would work for a coffee shop, or any other type of retail business.

Vines can also be used to show the consumer how a product works, or other uses for your product that people may not have thought about. This Vine from Oreo shows consumers how to grind Oreo cookies to put on ice cream.

Even if your business isn’t part of the retail industry, you can still create interesting Vines of the “behind-the-scenes” action at your business. Like this Vine from Steve Braband of ESPN.

As long as it is creative, fans and consumers will appreciate it.

With 13-million users and counting, Vine will continue to grow, and though it may not reach the popularity of Facebook or Twitter, it is a great medium that could present a real opportunity for your business.

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