Online Reputation Management Listening Station

Online reputation management. A bunch of fancy words that mean a great deal to your business and your personal brand. The key to this is honestly pretty simple: listen. Online reputation management starts, at its core, with knowing what is being said about you. You can respond accordingly, you can diffuse volatile situations and you can control public sentiment about your brand. But you have to know where the conversation is happening.


The following is a simple, straightforward way to find out everything being said about you online. We call it the Online Reputation Management Listening Station.


For this, we’re using Feedly. Feedly is a great RSS feed aggregator. The most important thing to know about this process is that ANYTHING that will give you an RSS feed can be sent to Feedly. For the purpose of the listening station . . . we’re referring to searches. The more searches you can run on a specific term, the better your listening station will be. Okay, game on.



  • Login to your Gmail through Feedly

google alerts

Google Alerts

  • Type in name of business in quotes
  • Click on “all results”
  • Click “deliver to feed”
  • Copy feed address and paste into Feedly


Bing Search

  • Enter your search term or phrase on Bing

  • In the drop-down box at the top, change “Best match” to “Most recent” (so you get the alerts sorted by newest first).

  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Right-click on the “Subscribe by RSS” link and choose “Copy link address”
  • In your Feedly, click on the Add button to add a new feed.
  • Paste in the copied URL, and voilà! You’ll get alerts for your search terms in your newsreader via Bing.


Board Reader

  • search name of company

  • click ‘show tools’ – ‘RSS’ – copy the URL

  • go to your Feedly – paste feed URL


Social Mention

  • search for company name – click ‘or select social media sources

  • do one search for blogs, one for microblogs (Twitter, Tumblr, etc), one for questions and one for videos

  • go to your Feedly – paste feed URL



    •[search term].rss

      • NOTE: %20 is the equivalent of a space in a URL

    • to search for tags:[search term].rss

    • go to your Feedly – paste feed URL 

Now for the final and most important step . . . actually listen. Log in every morning and see if someone is talking about you. Facebook is easy, Twitter is too, but these are steps that will help you find all of the hidden conversations about you. From there it’s remarkably easy to control your online reputation.

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