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Understanding what people want and having a good reputation have always been essential to building a successful business.  With social media at your disposal, this is easier now then ever before.  Keeping you finger on the pulse of your target market by listening to what they are saying about you is not only simple, it’s becoming a necessity to stay ahead of the game.  In a Huffington Post article, author Jayson DeMers discusses how to utilize social media for these purposes.  The focus of his article is on listening to social networks so that you know what is being said about your business.  It reads:

“In modern times, social media has made it possible for just about anyone to publicize their opinion. Whether it’s a comment on a Facebook business page, a hashtag on Twitter, or any other medium, consumers can voice their pleasure or displeasure in an instant. Consequently, this can be incredibly valuable for businesses when it comes to gaining a more thorough perspective.  If you recently launched a new product, social media listening is an effective way to determine what consumers are saying about it and what their overall experience has been. While there will probably be some people who absolutely love it and others who dislike it, observing social media feedback is a great way to make an initial assessment.  This data can help you pinpoint what you’re doing right and what mistakes you’re making. Knowing your business’s strengths and weaknesses is critical for building brand equity and sticking around for the long haul.”

It’s easy to keep an eye on what is being said on all of your business’ different social accounts, but it can be time-consuming.  We recommend using a social media platform like Hootsuite that allows you to consolidate information from multiple different social networks into one page, making it easier to track.  There will also be times when people are talking about you, but not addressing you directly.  You can still see most of these comments by using tools like or, which are social media search engines that search content from social networks the same way Google searches the entire web.

Using social media as a means of gaining feedback allows you to be a more attentive business owner and gives you the opportunity to respond to your customers directly, and in real-time.  From the article:

“To grow a solid brand that stands the test of time, it’s important to earn a reputation for quality and responsiveness. Social media listening helps achieve this because it offers a firsthand look at what actual consumers think about a product or service and their overall view of a brand. Basically, the feedback you receive through this technique is like getting input straight from the source. Once you spot issues, you can resolve them before bigger problems arise.”

Beyond using social media to better your business directly, there is another use that can come in handy.  Social networks can be used to keep track of your competition, which can give you insight that you may not have otherwise considered.

“Besides knowing what consumers are saying about your brand, social media listening is perfect for gaining intel on your competitors. If a competitor has implemented a new marketing technique that’s proven successful, you can use this knowledge in your future marketing efforts. On the other hand, consistent complaints about their business practices can prevent your company from making the same mistakes.”


To see the full article originally posted on Huffington Post, click here.


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