Last Call – A Party with a Purpose

We wanted to throw a party to benefit one of our favorite theatres in town . . . and what started as a casual conversation turned into one of the best parties of the year. Huge thanks go out to our sponsors Bulleit Bourbon, Bulleit Rye, Crown Royal Black, and Crown XR. The whole thing […]

Growing Your Personal Brand

Growing your personal brand… some of the most trendy words on the internet today… but they’re trendy for a reason. We live in a world where you are now your own network, you are your own media source. You have to start treating yourself in the same manner that companies treat their brand image. You […]

The Future of Journalism

In honor of the class I’m teaching at the University of Texas at Dallas, I’ve decided to turn my lecture into a blog post… just like I would recommend to my students. Today, in my home town of Dallas, there was a massive shift in the journalism industry. Robert Wilonsky has left the Dallas Observer […]

Best Superbowl Ad of 2012 that you didn’t even see

There’s no question that Budweiser is the content king of the Superbowl. According to MSNBC’s The Bottom Line, Anheuser-Busch has spent $246.2 million in Superbowl ad since 2002. They are always looked at for some of the most innovative, awe-inspiring ads displayed on the biggest of stages. They’re the king. Well, this year, as many […]

Some of our favorite iPad apps

Fortunate enough to own an iPad? Check out some of our favorite apps to use on this device. Flipboard Flipboard is great because you can visualize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Reader feeds, and your favorite blogs and websites in magazine style format.   You place them in square icons and they load the newest post images. You […]

Dallas Observer Profiles Hypeworthy Founder Nico Martini

Dallas Observer’s music blog, Dc9atNight is currently running a series on local music influential, and decided that our very own Nico Martini was one of them! The music series is “where we meet some of the people behind the local music scene — those who aren’t necessarily members of local bands, but more the people who […]

The New Facebook Experience

Facebook has finally stepped it up in relation to privacy settings and are allowing more control for its users.  With the rise of Google+, Facebook is finally recognizing some of the huge privacy issues and are basically installing Google+ features.  Read below about a list of upcoming changes to your Facebook experience. Profiles: This new […]

What Google+ Means for your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t heard already heard –  Google unveiled it’s new social networking service, Google+, last month.  The question remains, howl will Google+ change your digital marketing strategy? The biggest realization for online marketers with the debut of Google+ is that a social network made by Google impacts search.  If you have a Google+ profile, […]

A Quick Introduction to QR Codes

A Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional code that can be scanned by smartphone cameras using QR code reader applications to automatically pull up text, photos, videos, music and URLs.  QR codes are being increasingly utilized in marketing campaigns, giveaways, rewards, and informational uses such as in museums.  Ultimately, the QR code is the shortest […]

Hypeworthy’s first blog post

Welcome to the newly redesigned Hypeworthy website. Read a little bit about our new look, the company, and our official blog below. Here at Hypeworthy we have grown at such a quick pace that we haven’t needed or had the time to treat ourselves like a client.  We plan to expand even further and thought […]